50/90 Challenge - Tom - Oor Tam's Burns Nicht

Tom Veitch
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50/90 Challenge - Tom - Oor Tam's Burns Nicht

Postby Tom Veitch » Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:16 pm


A bit of a cheat because I recycled this, but as I said on 50/90 you won't understand it anyway. :)

Oor Tam’s Burn’s Nicht

Scots wha hae nae breeks ablo
A checkit skirt wae purse slung low
A crumpled Ghillie serk on show
Stained and Slavery!

Wha wad show sic spirtle peens
White as sna’ wi vericose veins
Thae knockit knees and enkle banes
We dinnae want tae see!!

Wha’s belly can hae a beer on’t rest
Its twalve inches greater than his chest
Humpty McDumpty I’d hae guessed
Tho’ he thinks he’s Prince Charlie!

He’s had a drink or twa oor Tam
Ten pints and then a muckle Dram
This nicht he disnae gie a damn
He’s toasting Burn’s Memory

The other guests have had enough
They’re bored tae death wi a’ this stuff
They dinnae care for a’ his guff
OH Naw! He’s got anither whisky !

His poor wee wife is sairly vexed
His antics hae her fair perplexed
She dreads tae think whit he’ll dae next
At Hame, he’ll git some gree!

As Rabbie in his poem did sae
If he saw himself as others dae
As a favour tae us we pray
He’ll Gie that bloody kilt away!

Dave Wardzala
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Re: 50/90 Challenge - Tom - Oor Tam's Burns Nicht

Postby Dave Wardzala » Fri Jul 07, 2017 1:11 am

Well you are correct I understood about ten words. It flows very nicely. It really came off as a poem when you read it.

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