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Songwriting podcasts & vlogs

Postby Dave Wardzala » Wed Jun 07, 2017 10:14 pm

I haven't been writing much, (but that's about to change). However, I have been exploring some songwriting resources.

Songtalk is a weekly podcast out of a radio station in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) where they spend an hour per week talking with local songwriters and/or analyzing popular songs. Their website can be found here:

They are also on iTunes (which is where I get it and listen to it.)

Another resource I have been using is Joe Gilder's "Gilder Cam" YouTube video blog. Joe is a songwriter, musician, producer out of Nashville, Tennessee (USA) and in his vlog he talks alot about recording, but he also wrote, recorded and released a 5 song EP in May. Many of his vlogs talk about how he accomplished that and dealing with the inevitable changes in plans and interruptions to his process. He also has some videos where he records his entire songwriting process for the songs he wrote for the EP (and some that didn't make the cut.) His channel can be found here:

Anyhow, hope these resources are useful.

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