We Love to Hate

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Tom Veitch
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We Love to Hate

Postby Tom Veitch » Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:31 pm

A collaboration in FAWM 2017 recorded live in our Scottish studios today ( Almost no cheating)



G D7 G
I love my wife
She's the light of my life
She is so sweet and beautiful
My life with her is wonderful
G D7 G
I love my wife

I loved my man
When our honeymoon began
We'd cuddle by day and make love all night
I truly believed he was Mr Right
I loved my man

I used to love my wife
But she’s ruining my life
She's bad tempered and is prone to mood switch
To tell you the truth she's an evil witch (or bitch)
(My perfect angel turned into a witch)
I hate my wife

I loved my spouse
Though turned into a louse
he once was so strong, handsome and cute
now he's fat as pig and as bald as coot
I hate my man

A A7 D
Now when I get frisky feelings
A A7 D
She lies studying the ceiling, I hate my wife
BRIDGE (Female)
A A7 D
The cause of my frigidity
A D7
Is his lack of rigidity, I hate my man

I hate to moan
But if I had only known
The body that I lusted for
Was enhanced by corsets and a padded bra
I hate my wife

He’s making me depressed
I wish he’d give it a rest
According to him everything I do is wrong
He’s out of tune and not only in this song!
I hate my man

We hate each other
Though we're cursed to be together
We'll never admit it to ourselves of course
But we'll never ever give the other a divorce
We hate each other

We love to hate (Live or love?)
Our prospects are not great
You may think we're living in purgatory
Truth is we kinda like it that way
We love to hate

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Re: We Love to Hate

Postby janepahr » Tue May 09, 2017 4:43 pm

Tom, Sense of humor definitely there. Sort of goes on a bit Might try losing the second to least verse and go directly to "WE Love to Hate"....
Not much else to say except

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